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Jason Vorhees Teaches Relaxed Intensity

Dustin, one of my partners, sent me a text last night saying “how about a Jason Vorhees post for Friday the 13th.” My first thought was, I’m not sure I know how to incorporate a masque wearing, mass murdering freak into a message that is uplifting and helpful. But then it hit me, I figured out Jason’s secret.

Jason was a master at the “art of allowing”. Think about it. His victims for the most part always ended up in the wrong place, at the wrong time and he just “happened” to be there. Jason never seem to stress about whether he would have enough victims or not, in fact he carried himself with a “relaxed intensity”. It was as if he knew they would keep showing up. Now his victims on the other hand also were very good at the art of allowing... just not to their benefit. You see, they were stressed, scared, expecting worst and what do you know, they got it.

So back to this relaxed intensity thing. You don’t just decide to live a life of relaxed intensity and it happens. Well, it kinda does, but it does take a definite decision to begin looking at the world around you with positive expectations. Start small and very general to give yourself a little evidence that this really does work. Waiting until you are locked in a dark room with Jason is not the time to begin this. If that happens, just wait it out, it will be over soon. But I do promise, the more times you focus on expecting the best, the more the best for you happens.

For this to be completely effective, a definite attention of all thought and speech plays into it. Example: If I start out my day saying, “I am surrounded by incredible people that care for me and help me with my dreams” and then turn around and complain about someone, I am in a sense negating the first thoughts. I can’t be both, an upward thinker and a complainer. I have to choose one. But in the beginning, this can challenge you. Don’t beat yourself up. Just start and get better as you go. Use your internal barometer of how your thought or speech is making you feel at that moment to help you with this. Jason wasn’t a quitter, so just keep at it.. At least I don’t think so. I quit watching way before the final one.

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