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Monte Clark - Linkedin Mastermind

Can you change the direction of your life with results in one year? 


My guest today, Monte Clark has 30 years of marketing experience.  Yet about a year ago he decided he was not only going to master the linkedin platform, he was going to write a book, start a mastermind class and begin coaching people on how to effectively use the Linkedin platform.  He now teaches students how to build a business, get a job and yes even build a music career.  


Monte began coaching me 6 months ago.  Since then I have made the most amazing friends and connections all over the world.  From recording tracks for artists from NY, to working on projects for Linkedin contacts in Oregon this has changed the game dramatically for me. And now he’s going to share some insights with you.


Please follow and connect with Monte Clark on Linkedin.  Monte posts content everyday that can help you build your business whether you are in music or any other business.  If you are like me and ready to expand your reach exponentially ask him about his Master class and his 90% off quarantine  special.


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Learn the art of getting paid what you are worth for your music passion. 

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