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Chad delivers keynote talks on how to discover your inner rock star and learn to live in it.  He provides valuable insights on how to shift your thinking and actions to lead you to living a life you will love.


In addition to Chad's keynote talk, the Dream Big Series Keynote Concerts take the high energy and entertainment of an all out rock or country concert and slam it together with an inspiring, life changing message of living a life of genius.


Chad began as a musician right out of high school, traveling and performing 4-6 nights a week for 5 years before it came to an abrupt end.  Replaying his father’s words of “you can’t make a living in that industry” back in his mind, he decided to go do the responsible “real job” thing.  He left music performance and thru a long around the horn path of becoming an agent, then a vitamin salesman, then owning an advertising company, he finally reached his end and made a decision to return to music with a commitment to climb to the top of the mountain or die on the side.


Chad has shown that with the right thoughts, right people, and right actions you can achieve anything, even in an industry that puts a huge focus on artists under the age of 30.  Chad has made his living the last 7 years doing exactly what he loves everyday while raising 3 kids with his wife Tami. He has traveled all over performing concerts as a headline act, as well as teaming up with 30 plus artists like Brother’s Osborne, Luke Combs, Big and Rich, Jerrod Niemann and many more for shows.  In 2015, Chad and Big Time Grain Company performed for a crowd of 800,000 at the Royals World Series Celebration.


Everyone is a rock star at something, they just need the right instrument and a plan to get there.



Whether you are young and just trying to figure out what makes you tick or you are struggling to remember what your dream even was, this message is for you. The Dream Big Series message will give you valuable mental tools to help go after your passions no matter what age.


Most people wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead. How would it be to wake up excited each day with anticipation of the exciting unknowns that await? Your dream is your instrument. Pick the right one and let the music play.


Many of us have been told we need a backup plan early in life and some of us are still functioning in that plan no closer to our dream than when we started. The Dream Big message can help mentally work thru the difference between a “Backup Plan” and the better option of a “Support Plan”


Everyday we think and speak words that either lift us up and towards our dreams or take us the opposite direction. We never stay still. It’s either one or the other. Learn how to change that for the better, instantly.

We understand some schools may find it difficult to underwrite an event this Big Time. This a fantastic opportunity for sponsors to attach themselves to an absolute feel good, make a difference type campaign.  Our staff will come along side of your school’s staff to help make sure any needed financial help is provided through outside sponsors. 

If you would like more info on booking or sponsoring an event or tour, fill out the info below and a Dream Big Series staff member will contact to you to answer any questions and help find a specific package that best fits your school, company or organization. 

Thanks! Message sent.

The Dream Big College Concert is just what college students need to help them lock into their future and get a grasp on what they are working for. Music is a huge part of college life. The Dream Big Concert series integrates a "Find Your Genius" message into a concert in a manner that will pull college age students in and empower them to make the right choices on what they apply their time to.  This is a great time for young adults to identify who they are and what mark they want to make on the world.  The more they lock in on their own personal dream at this stage of life, the better the chance they have of being influencers and life changers at an earlier stage in life.  When this is accomplished in anyones life, it is the beginning of true happiness.  


Option 1: Keynote 

Option 2: Keynote Acoustic Trio Concert 

Option 3: Full Production Keynote Concert

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