The Big Dream Series Concert Tour for middle and high school age students will most likely be what many students consider their first "real concert".  In life, we remember our first experiences in many events considerably more than following events that are similar.   Giving a middle or high schooler his or her first concert experience with a positive, life changing message will make an indescribable difference in their lives. This can impact decisions for the rest of their lives. 

After the concert, a meet and greet will take place in the cafeteria over lunch where students can meet the band, get autographs, and sign up for merchandise drawings.   Topics like "Living in your zone of genius"  and “Thinking, talking, acting right” are worked into the concert in a manner that students will relate to thru a keynote concert experience.  This method of helping students navigate through their own personal zones of incompetence, competence, excellence and genius will be a life changing revelation to use for the rest of their lives. The students will have no doubt  that something “Big Time” is about to happen when the group shows up big with major production, sound, lights, tour bus, etc.   This was proven to get the students attention right off the bat and open their ears, hearts, and minds for the subtle but powerful message about to be delivered.


The Dream Big College Concert is just what college students need to help them lock into their future and get a grasp on what they are working for. Music is a huge part of college life. The Dream Big Concert series integrates a "Find Your Genius" message into a concert in a manner that will pull college age students in and empower them to make the right choices on what they apply their time to.  This is a great time for young adults to identify who they are and what mark they want to make on the world.  The more they lock in on their own personal dream at this stage of life, the better the chance they have of being influencers and life changers at an earlier stage in life.  When this is accomplished in anyones life, it is the beginning of true happiness.  

We understand some schools may find it difficult to underwrite an event this Big Time. This a fantastic opportunity for sponsors to attach themselves to an absolute feel good, make a difference type campaign.  Our staff will come along side of your school’s staff to help make sure any needed financial help is provided through outside sponsors. 

If you would like more info on booking or sponsoring an event or tour, fill out the info below and a Dream Big Series staff member will contact to you to answer any questions and help find a specific package that best fits your school, company or organization. 


Option 1: Keynote talk with guitar and tracks

Option 2: Keynote Acoustic Duo Concert 

Option 3: Full Production Keynote Concert