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  • Discovering Your Inner Rockstar

Whether we are young and trying to figure out what makes tick us or those days have long since passed and we can’t even remember what our dreams were, this message will help. The Dream Big Series message will also give valuable mental tools to help go after passions no matter what age.

  • Removing Judgement From Your Life

As a musician, I have really struggled with this one feeling like every time I picked up a guitar in front of other pro musicians they were judging me and my playing.  It would cause me to tighten up and not play freely like I normally would.  Until one day after opening for Craig Morgan at Whiteman Air Force Base the answer hit me like a ton of bricks. Finally, I knew what to do. 

  • Getting Out Of Comfort Zones

As a young musician, I ended up at an old partial resident hotel one night that caught fire in the middle of the night.  After getting my guitars and myself out, we realized that there were some elderly ladies still in there and the fire department hadn't arrived.  Three of us went back in to carry out two ladies.  Oddly, they didn't want to leave.  They had been there so long they would rather stay there in the fire.  Years later I realized how valuable th


  • Support Plan vs Backup Plan

We may have been told we need a backup plan early in life and are still functioning in that plan no closer to dreams then when we started.  The Dream Big message can help mentally work thru the difference between a “Backup Plan” and the better option of a “Support Plan”


  • The Words That Follow "I am", Follow You

Everyday we think and speak words that either lift us up and towards our dreams or take us the opposite direction.  We never stay still. It’s either one or the other. Learn how to change that for the better, instantly.


  • Living a Life You Love

Most people wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead.  How would it be to wake up excited each day with anticipation of the exciting unknowns that await?


  • How You Treat Others Can Attract Your Dream or Repel It

All great accomplishments are achieved with a team of people working in accord towards one goal.  What if we already had everyone in your life we needed to accomplish our dreams?  Are we attracting or repelling them?

There is an ability to design a specific program of topics upon request.

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