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Everything Always Works Out For Me

If I was tuning in for the first time and read that title, I would wonder what the author is smoking. Especially if I was coming from a place where everything is not always working out for me. So let me explain. The phrase “everything is always working out for me” is a mantra I adopted not all that long ago, but did so immediately after I heard it the first time. It took a bit to turn it into a habit that would become a natural response to when things didn’t seem to be working out. But I gotta tell you, if you want to test out something I’ve written about, test out this one.

Here’s what I believe the keys to success on this are.

  1. When faced with a less than positive situation, stop, take a deep breath and say this to yourself, “Everything is always working out for me”.

  2. Let it go. Change the subject. Do something else and most importantly, think about something else.

  3. If your predicament crepes back into your mind, repeat steps one and two.

  4. Begin to practice this concept on situations that are, let’s say, less weighty. You don’t start lifting weights with the heaviest barbells, so don’t do it here.

Everyday, my ability to do this or should we say allow this to affect my life in incredible ways, gains momentum. One recent story that fits into the less weighty subject category is tied to this coming weekend. We are booked for a show in Des Moines and I very uncharacteristically did not get a food plan worked into the agreement. I normally get one meal provided for every show. For timing and logistical reasons but also, it helps the band and crew knowing that one meal a day is taken care of. So yesterday, Thursday, two days before the show my mind shifts to my failure on this. Very shortly after, I say to myself standing in my kitchen, “Everything always works out for me”. I needed to send a timeline to the venue and the band for the day, so I made contact with the person who got us the gig and asked a couple logistical questions about what was located around the venue and did they serve food? She ends up calling me back to say, “There is some room left in the party that is going from cocktail hour, to dinner, then to our show, How about you guys walk down to the cocktail hour right next to the venue, then hop in the limo with us to go to a 5 star dinner, then the limo can take us all to the show.” I replied, “that sounds perfect, thank you”. I wasn’t surprised about this, because “Everything is always working out for me”. I was however deeply appreciative.

If you are sitting here reading this in the middle of a “crisis” you might be thinking, “who cares whether you got dinner taken care of when I’ve got (fill in the blank) goin on.” You care because the same principle that got our dinner taken care of can take care of what you are dealing with, but you can’t get there from here if you’re too bound up with angst. Start small, start general, build your faith muscles and most importantly, enjoy right where you are and embrace every small little success with appreciation. You’ll get there and when you do, it won’t seem like that big of deal, but just the next logical step. Enjoy your day.

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