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Dealing With Annoying People

Have you ever noticed there are certain people in your life that really have a talent for getting under your skin? They seem to have just the right qualities that can take a perfectly good day and turn it upside down. Have you ever stopped to analyse why they seem to possess that power? If you want your world turned upside down, read on.

These people are some of the most valuable people in your life. Now your thinking, “this guy has lost it, but I will keep reading to see how far off the tracks he goes”. Here’s a little exercise for you to try. This will be most effective if you do the exercise before reading the rest of the blog. However, I know most won’t do that but here it is anyway. I want you to write a letter to that person outlining all the things that you see in their lives that needs “fixed”. You are not going to give this letter to them or anyone for that matter, so you have a license to be completely honest and let them have it. Although, this might temporarily feel good, this not the motivation, but feel free to enjoy it anyway. If you do this correctly, stop reading right now, put their name at the top, and write the letter.

Ok, now that you are done. I want you to go back to the top of the letter, cross their name off and write in your name. Before you start cussing me out, hear me out. A friend of mine calls those people his sacred friends. These people portray and carry the exaggerated characteristics in us that we dislike the most. That is why they bug us the most. If they weren’t hitting that nerve, we wouldn’t care. We wouldn’t notice them and over time we wouldn’t attract them into our world.

This can be a little shocking when you first start to recognize this truth, but over time you will welcome it. For me, I am at a stage in life that I don’t really feel like wasting time making mistakes that are avoidable. There is no better way than to have a magnified mirror of yourself showing you those mistakes. This way of thinking about those people will open up a whole new world for you of exciting and rapid growth. There are no limits to the number of letters you can write. In fact, keep writing them until you run out of people and situations that cause you to write them.

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