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Turning Life Tone To 11

Today, among many days, is a day I am going to appreciate Dr. Z, Vox, Michael Kelly, Wampler, Origin Effects, Universal Audio and everyone else who has played their part in me finding the tone that I will get to record guitar tracks with. I use to spend a lot more time changing settings, moving mics, changing amps, changing guitars and changing pedals just to get something I was happy with. But after a number of years of doing that, my ear and knowledge has gotten better to where I can get the tone I am looking for pretty quick if not instantly every time.

What I appreciate more than good guitar tone, is good life tone. Everything we are and do vibrates on different frequencies. My wife can certainly tell you that I haven’t always been on the same frequency as her. But, just like my guitar tone, I have been paying a serious amount of attention to my life tone and have noticed a few things. First off, if my life tone sucks, I know it almost immediately. I used to ignore it and place the blame on everyone or everything around me for my wobbly tone.

To fix a less than great guitar tone, it can require a major change such as a whole new amp, but most likely, since I have a considerable amount of time and money into the tone I have, the change is usually pretty minimal to go from not so good to great, It might only be a one tick move, on one knob, of one pedal to make a big difference. It’s same thing with me. One little thought adjustment could be the difference between a high frequency day or a low frequency day.

Once a guitar player starts down the path of working on their tone, it’’s never done. There is alway little improvements that can be made for the best possible outcome. Life tone is the same way. I am never done becoming a better version of me. It’s not a race or a destination, but a simple enjoyment of the improvements as they come. By the way, with a great guitar tone or a great life tone, I naturally and easily sound and play better with others.

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