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Walking Through Seasons Gracefully

The ebb and flow of seasons is something that I’ve been through a ton. The nature of our booking for our country band concerts mean a heavy schedule May through October, but then can taper off quite a bit the rest of the months. We used fill that with bar gigs but that didn’t really seem to advance the cause and frankly, it kind of got old. We still do a few from time to time, just not all the time. So when this season hits, I have had to learn that it’s just a season and this personality of mine will live through it. Within a few weeks, I will start to enjoy not being as busy for a while.

I used to drop into to this highly unproductive driver mode and dive into busy work projects that never went anywhere but frustration. What I’ve learned is that if I would just take a chill pill, relax, keep my eyes and ears open and listen to my gut, some of the coolest things happen during this

season. Things that wouldn’t have happened had I been forcing activity. It’s also a great time for me to enjoy the people around me like my wife, kids, friends etc.

We are always evolving, growing and learning. Having fun with that process is so, so key. I’ve actually spent the last few days figuring out goofy little guitar version of Christmas songs to record videos of me playing with my iphone for social media. It’s been fun and at the same time is helping me expand different ways of playing things.

Spring will be here soon enough with all kinds of shows and stuff to do. But today, I’m going to lunch with a co-writing friend, having coffee with a new friend, playing more goofy versions of Christmas songs and just being present in each of those moments because they won’t happen again.

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