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Throw Away Your Goal List

I can’t tell you how many seminars I have sat through where some person from stage told me to make a list of my goals and go to work on them. I’m grossly paraphrasing, but that was the jist of it. What if I said, to get to your dreams, you need to throw away your goal list? In most motivational circles, I might get stoned for this one. But before throwing the first stone, hear me out.

What does your current goal list make you feel when you look at it. Is it 100% excitement, enthusiasm and expectation or is there a little more frustration, doubt, or even desperation attached to those feelings? If you can say without a doubt that it’s the first of the two, STOP, don’t throw it away. In fact, you can just quit reading this now because you are on the way. But...if you have even a hint of the not so good feelings, chuck it. Don’t worry, you know what’s on there and can rewrite

it at anytime, but for now it’s time to give yourself a little boost. Time to prime the pump.

Make a new list. But this time, write everything you have in your life that causes you to have a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. For me, I always seem to start with the people in my life that are always there for me. People like my wife, kids, brother, parents, etc. Also on that list are the things I do that usher those feelings in, like playing guitar, playing guitar and of course playing guitar. Other cool things for me to stick on there are qualities in myself that I like that were even given to me or developed with time. These are the foundational pieces of my growth that I have learned and have stuck.

Now, after you’ve done this, take an inventory on how you feel. You should be noticing an uptick in your emotional state. If you’ve read some of the previous blogs, you’ve read that dreams are reached when a person consistently learns to embrace and enjoy where they are while holding an excited expectation of what they want. It is impossible to have an excited expectation if you are not enjoying where you are at. If you try, there will always be fragments of doubt blocking your success. Those are released for me, when I embrace the now.

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