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Playing the Game Of Life

We all love to play games or a least we did until we got so serious about everything. Think about it, when you were a kid, everything, all of the time was about playing a game. When that game was over, you were off to the next one. Then life, parenting and society started having it’s way with us and our life of games began fading away. It happens so slowly for most that we don’t even realize it.

Our desire for playing games never went away. Although it’s probably suppressed pretty good, revealing itself at different blissful moments. I believe it’s one of the reasons professional athletes are paid what they are. They are acting as surrogates to our lack of participation in our own desires to live and play in our own dreams. Just look at how depressed people get when “their” team loses, especially a big game.

We all are attracted to the idea of living a life of fun and excitement all of the time but can feel the complete opposite and trapped if there is no evident path to that life. These next few words might be the words for you that completely change your trajectory and lead you to that life. I know what they did for me.

Began taking sectments of your life that don’t feel fun and start turning them into a game. For example, if your biggest hurdle in life is finances, bills and debt, list all those items out on paper and say to yourself “I always take care of the people I owe, and many times I do more.” Then pick the smallest of those items and double your payment or whatever you can do. Just do more than you would have. Take notice of how you feel when doing that, and enjoy that feeling.

Another fun game is to take your list for the day and instead of working from top to bottom or even thinking that it needs to be completed, just, smile, breathe deeply, and in your relaxed state let your internal guiding system tell you what to do next. Also be open to the idea that that your next step isn’t on your list. Don’t overthink this. You can’t get it wrong. As you began to realize how much more efficient and effective you are, spend little moments of gratitude enjoying the excitement of how well this is working. You will get better and better at this until one day you will realize that your entire day is filled with fun and excitement.

One of the reasons this works is because you are no longer adding a heavy resistance to these parts of your life. When you remove that resistance, you began to allow a natural flow to take place. There is a whole lot more on this subject, but for now, apply some faith that it might work and give it a shot for a week.

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