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Law of Attraction at Networking Events

The more I learn about the process of allowing, the more fun it gets. The more I do the little things that cultivate my mental atmosphere to be ready, the more often I find myself in the flow.

When I had the advertising company and prior to that, the vitamin sales company, I used to attend a lot of networking events. After shutting down the advertising company, I felt like I was networked out. But this was all pre-Chad overhaul time. Although, I completely understood the rules of engagement, like don’t be the sales bull in the china shop and find ways to help others and I will be taken care of. But the big difference between now and then was my understanding of the law of attraction. In spite of my networking knowledge, I believed the results obtained in those meeting were still up to me. Therefore, I would get out of them 1-2 hours later completely mentally exhausted at mid morning. It didn’t help that I’m an introvert and get my energy from being alone.

Last Friday, I found myself in the first networking meeting in 6 years, however this time I was pleasantly surprised. Without even realizing it, I was having a blast. I talked to so many people and learned so many cool new things and many were completely unrelated to my own entertainment business. The odd thing was, I struggled to apply the rule of “talk about the other person’s business more than my own” because people kept changing the subject back on me and my business. I also laughed more in that one event then I probably ever have in the past networking events.

So what happened? It was like when you haven’t seen one of your friend’s kids for 5 years and you almost don’t even recognize them. So much had changed in myself from doing the little things everyday, that I almost didn’t recognize myself in this event. I left there with new friends, energized and zero expectations from anyone I met. One of the attendees even made the comment, “You really enjoy life, don’t you?” That my friends, is something I never heard in my previous experiences.

So what now? I don’t have an answer for that. I don’t need one. However, I will be open to whatever comes next. I imagine I will go back if it means more fun. I also imagine that as long as I am having fun, there will be something to be later revealed that will come out of me being willing to participate while enjoying the process.

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