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To Do Or To Don’t Lists

If I can do it by myself, my vision is too small. There are lots of things we can do in life that allow us to stay in our bubble of a comfort zone and maintain what we consider to be control of our lives. We create our lists, start at the top, and work our way to the bottom so to feel like we have accomplished the great task of self worth by the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I use lists too. Today, however, they serve a different purpose than they use too. I certainly don’t start at the top and work on it chronologically. My lists now are more just to prevent things that need done from falling through the cracks. I don’t look to my list provide any sort of feeling, good, bad or other.

What if the whole purpose of your list was to help identify roles that needed filled in your organization. For example, if there are 4-5 items per day on the list that involve sending out agreements or paperwork, maybe it’s time to hire that done. The ultimate goal is to whittle that list down to the point where the only things on there every day are items that fit into your “Zone of Genius”. Doing those creative things that you love so much, you would do them for free.

To do this, start another list of roles you want in your organization. As those roles define themselves, begin to look for that person or persons to show up. You might even be surprised that they are already in your life unknowingly waiting for you to get clear about the role they will fit into and absolutely love doing it because it is their “Zone of Genius”. An organization full of people living out their dreams and doing what they love can only be an organization that will continue to grow, thrive and reach the highest levels of success.

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