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Is Your “BUT” Hurting You?

Is your “BUT” working against you? BUT is a word that can either help you move to a better place or take you the opposite direction. Ideally, I would do better to just remove “BUT” from my language altogether. BUT, that is probably unlikely. Ahhh, see what I did there.

We hold ourselves in places of lack, hurt, pain, etc from continually negative talk and thought. “BUT, wait a minute”, you say. “I’m not negative all the time”. The more I dove into this in my own life the more fine tuned I was able to navigate my thoughts and speech. Sentences like, “Man I would like to go _____________, BUT we can’t afford it right now.” Or, “I would like to accomplish______________, BUT we don’t have the right connections or people.” started to disappear from my language. I begin catching myself, sometimes mid sentence, and forcing myself to either phrase it differently or not say it at all.

You might be thinking, “what’s the big deal? I’m just telling the truth about my circumstances.” Maybe you are, but think about this. Have you ever heard of anyone that has accomplished amazing things in their lives use “BUT” in their language? Oh, there probably are a few that got there in spite of themselves, BUT, I’m willing to bet the road may have been longer and harder than it needed to be.

If you must use “BUT”, try this until you don’t feel the need to use it anymore. “We don’t have the money in our account to go____________, BUT, I can feel things getting better. Or, “Our team isn’t complete yet, BUT I can feel a shift and see some signs that they are near.” You can feel the difference in the tone of these. I promise, the attention to this detail will begin to produce exciting positive things in your life, all because you quit being a “BUT”

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