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What Is Your Light Switch?

Looking for evidence of good things in your life is the fastest way to have better things happen in your life. Finding even the smallest of circumstances or happenings and just relishing in them for 10-20 seconds is a great place to start. The next step is to allow your thoughts to move from one good thing to the next. I will admit that this is something that I am getting better at but occasionally will find times that I focus on the opposite of that. Sometimes I will start this process with the greatest of thoughts and intentions and then about 30 seconds to a minute down the line, I catch that I have shifted from appreciation to something less appealing like worry, fear, anger, etc. Then I’m thinking, “how in the world did I get all the way here from there?”

I mentioned in a previous blog that my wife wins stuff all of the time. She does this by entering, believing and enjoying the experience. I can’t even remember all of the vacations she has won. She took my sister in law to an all expense paid Chiefs / Chargers game in CA. Neither one of them even like football. Last night she won a 50/50 raffle at our sons band concert/fundraiser. Her split was $116, which in relation to all her other winnings is pretty minimal. Yet something about this one really got my attention. I can tell you without a doubt, she was as excited for that prize as she was for those vacations she won. She all but screamed when she won. I might mention, my son was sitting in the auditorium with his band and leans over to tell one of his friends, “my mom’s gonna win” right before they pulled her number out. I also might add that she bought 10 tickets, but it was the first one in the strip that won.

We all have evidence of good in our lives that if we would pay attention and enjoy the moments of those good things, we would begin to attract more of those things. So logic says, if we can do that in one area of our lives, what is keeping us from spreading this to other areas? And if you are really struggling to find the smallest good in your own life, borrow someone else’s good until you can get your own. Everytime my wife wins, it fills me with joy. Not because of what ever prize she won, but because it puts another shot of power in my own belief system.

This universe we live in does not discriminate. In fact, it’s extremely consistent. Our job is to simply line up with the way things work and when we do, benefits will come. You don’t fix darkness by focusing on darkness or even talking about it. That only causes darkness to grow. You fix it by walking over to the light switch and turning it on. The light switch is your decision to look for the positive. Learning to live a life of appreciation for what you have while being excited for what’s coming is a huge step towards this. Learning to be consistent in this means everything you have ever dreamed of is on it’s way to you.

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