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A Path To Greatness

One of the things I love most about recording guitar parts is that I don’t know what path I’m going to take to get to the final product. The incredible adventure that happens for me with this method results in a song that develops into something bigger than myself.

My brother and I have been planning to do a Christmas album and tour during the holiday season, but this year kind of got away from us and we didn’t get it put together. Then we got this opportunity to do 4 songs for The Legends Christmas Tree Lighting so we thought why not use this motivation to whip out at least a demo. This would give us something for the backup band to have a basic idea for our direction on each song. Bret got most of the basic tracks done and over to me 3 days ago for me to start laying down the the guitar parts.

I began first on "Little Drummer Boy", which he put to a kickin train beat that would fill any country hall dance floor. That was a great way to start the weekend. I had so much fun building that one out. It didn’t stop there. Each song was an old Christmas hymn with it’s own very unique identity. By the time I got to the 4th song, “Oh Holy Night” I had gone thru a number of guitar styles on each song and feeling like I had just taken place in a master construction of creativity. The outcome was better than I could have ever foreseen had I planned out each move or part before starting. In fact, everything went so perfect that outside of minor cleanups, my parts are done and ready to go to final print.

If I have ever come out of an experience that has taught me a better way of living, this was it. There is nothing better than walking thru each day with a kid like expectation of the great adventure that awaits me. Who will I talk to? What path will sweeten with a minor shift in trajectory? There is no better way to enjoy every step when you are Dreaming Big.

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