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My friend told me to do it

Yesterday, a great friend of mine and I sat down for a long overdue lunch to catch up. One of his first questions was, “are you still doing music full time?” I responded yes, in which he responded, “I am so envious of that...doing what you love, all the time.” About an hour later after discussing family, work, life and the Dream Big Series, he told me that I needed to start a blog immediately. He said, “you lead a very interesting life that people would want to read about.”

I found that to be rather interesting and perplexing since I am sitting in the middle of this life and loving it everyday, but why would other people want to read about it? But the fact of the matter is, our business/life coach for Big Time Grain Co. has been on us about writing daily thoughts down anyway. This will just help me stay consistent. I have no idea if anyone will read it and I’m not sure if I even care. It just feels like one of the next logical steps in this dream that I am living. The more I learn about the flow of life, the quicker I have been making decisions. I believe part of the key to this has been becoming comfortable in my own skin. This has enabled me to make decisions without the need to have approval or impress others. This is still work in progress for me, but in the words of Tesla, it’s “getting better everyday.”

Today I am finishing up the artwork on the new album, 401K, then off to a meeting with a friend to talk about, ironically….or not, “decision making”. I plan on giving him this article, Decision by Bob Proctor: I think it’s going to be life changing for him,

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