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Barometer vs Thermostat

Do people’s eyes light up when they are around you? This is a question I have never asked myself until today. A friend of mine sent me a link to a TED Talk by Benjamin Zander on music and passion and one of his main points and questions to the audience was just that. I’ve included the link below because it is most definitely worth watching.

I have been processing his talk for the last 24 hours and have some definite thoughts about it. I know there are more times then I care to admit that I walk in a room and don’t see people’s eyes light up. I am probably guilty of this more with the people closest to me. I am also fully aware that part of the reason for this is relationship complacency. I can tend to be very driven to the demise of others. However, I believe there is a deeper root here to identify. It has more to do with where I am in my own attitude and energy level at that time then just being complacent. Sure, we can take for granted those relationships closest to us, but If we were living a consistent life of inspiration and passion, I believe we would began to innately light up many faces in many rooms familiar or unfamiliar.

So that leads me to my next thought. What an incredible barometer other people can be for our own personal barometric pressure. If I continue to learn to feel good all the time in every circumstance, I can lead the life I want to lead and attract to me everything I’ve dreamed of. Now that you’ve read this, you won’t be able to unread it. Your acute awareness of those around you will begin to grow. Kinda like buying a specific car and not being able to go anywhere without seeing every time the same make and model passes you by.

The best place for me to practice this on a moment by moment basis is my own home. If I can stay consistent there, look out world. I will be able to make a difference everywhere I go without saying a word. Sounds like a fun way to live... huh? The key to remember here is, others reactions should only be a barometer not a thermostat to how you feel. If you learn this, the results in others will happen, but the true benefit is what you will gain.

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