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What’s love got to do with it?

SEPT 28,2017

I have come to realize more and more the power relationships have if we are to effectively live out our dream. The amount of influence we give other people over our own lives can be astounding. We all want to belong. We all want to feel needed. Unfortunately, that is the complete opposite of what I believe relationships were intended for. I had two meetings with two very good friends yesterday that I think will help me make this point.

My first meeting is one of those guys that makes everyone he runs into feel better about themselves. Many times, he accomplishes this in a matter of seconds. There is something about his smile and his attention to the conversation that make me feel like “I’m the man”. He does this innately for everyone, even when he is going thru his own personal struggles. This can be learned and after meeting his dad, I’m pretty sure that’s where he learned it.

My second meeting was with a someone that every time we get together, we both leave there feeling like we will be conquering the world that day. One year ago, career and financially speaking, this friend was at one of the lowest points of his life. So what changed? Prior to the turn around we had been meeting every week for almost a couple years, going thru “Dream Big” principles over and over. What started as me just sharing what has worked in my life, has turned to this friend excelling in a way that every time he shares what’s going on, it can almost sound unbelievable or even “lucky”. The student has become the teacher. I look forward to every encounter.

So what’s my point? There is no way to do life successfully without people like this in your life. Where there is a mutual interest in building each other up. The goal is not changing the other for our own benefits, but truly wanting the best for the other. When you identify those people in your life, be proactive and stay consistent with the connection. The gold will be discovered in these encounters.

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