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“My wife gave me permission to go on tour with Sting”

Oct 2, 2017

“My wife gave me permission to go on tour with Sting”was posted recently by one of my friends and partners in growth that I have known for years. In my opinion, my friend is one of the best sax players out there. There is something special about when he plays that all be comes right in the world when an incredible soothing, sweet sound flows from his horn.

Although his technique is spot on, it’s more about tone and feeling to him. I have experienced this many times with him in situations where I was playing guitar and we would go places in the middle or end of songs that we had never been before. We used to do a fair amount of this perfoming in federal prisons. You want to experience freedom in music? Go some place where you are providing the only freedom outlet they may be getting and give it to them.

When my friend and I started hanging out again a few years back. One of the most fascinating things I learned at that time was how he had gotten so far from this gift that when I asked him what he was passionate about, he couldn’t give me an answer. Fortunately, his story didn’t end there. He started walking down the path back to who he is and his love for sax came back with it. So this last weekend, he asked his wife if she would be ok if he went on tour with Sting should the opportunity arise. He told me today, he just felt that was piece of the faith of allowing this to happen.

I am so excited for my friend. I am also excited to see how this develops, because it completely make sense to me. Why wouldn’t Sting, a very spiritually driven artist, want a sax player who flows the way my friend does. His belief is lining up with his feelings and passions. The world (tour) is his oyster.

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