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Art Imitates Life

With less than a week until our EP is pressed and at our doorstep, so many thoughts go thru my head. There were thousands of hours put into this collective representation of who we are today. There were times I wondered if it would ever get done. But we just kept on with the mindset of, “this one has to be the best we have ever done.” The reason we felt that, was because we are the best we’ve ever been, for sure musically, but more important, as people. The hours we have spent focusing on becoming better human beings required a musical collection of songs that represented that. Why? Because I believe that representation is the offering of hope. The hope of becoming more than you are right now that is available to everyone.

One of the songs on the EP, “The Way You Wouldn’t”, was rewritten and rerecorded 3 times from scratch. It wasn’t done until we were able to listen to it ourselves and say, “that made me feel something”. It had to be that, because the song was written from a very personal intimate experience that so many are going to relate to. To put it out “less than” was not an option.

“401K” was produced by Tim Braun and Mark Shoffner (former manager for Incubus among his many accolades). Their attention to detail in that song was incredible and inspiring. But think about it, would you want your “401K” managed without an attention to detail?

Art imitates life. This is the first time in my life, and my brother has said the same, that we can listen back to what has been created and be filled with excitement, happiness and all those other good feeling words. In the past, we would have been thinking about everything we would have done different. This collection is our time stamp of our lives at this moment.

So what now? We are going to let it go to do what it will and enjoy the moment because tomorrow there are a whole bunch more baby songs that need fed, raised and released to the world.

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