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6 Words to Change Your Life Today

“Everything always works out for me” is sentence I adopted a while back on the advice of someone else that quickly changed my trajectory. Just the simple act of repeating that phrase even if just in my head will give me a whole new outlook on any situation I might be going thru. That phrase alone helps me to remove the idea “bad situations” exist and that there are only “growth” situations.

I can hear you the reader’s wheels turning as I type this thinking, “yea, but what about real bad situations like cancer, bad accidents, or even death?” We all have 2 choices in any situation. We can mentally crawl into the hole of pain and destruction stay there relying on the sympathy of others for brief interludes of relief or we can choose a different route of hope. I don’t pretend to know everything, but here’s what I do know. When I started applying the phrase “everything always works out for me” consistently, my world began to shift and everything did start to work out for me. Even the seemingly bad situations had a good outcomes. And some of those situations turned out in a way that almost seemed like it needed the “bad situation” to get to the good one.

I started the day a little slow today. Something I should have done yesterday after the long weekend of shows. But because I hit the ground running on Monday, I wore myself out and picked up a cold. In the past, I would have been frustrated and pushed on thru but not now. I am choosing to say, I need this time to take it easy and to enjoy the recovery and the relaxation. Most of the items on my list will be fine waiting one day and since “everything is always working out for me” there is a better than average chance that some of those items will find a better solution without me.

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