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Are you selfish enough?

We as humans we are innately selfish human beings that have been told since we were kids to not be selfish. Share your toys, share your food, give to others and so on. I completely agree with doing all those things. However, let me give you an alternate idea to think about. If we are naturally inclined to selfishness, what if instead of trying to continue to buck it, what about the idea of just changing the subject of our selfishness.

Right now, some of you are about to click the little “x” in the top right corner while the rest of you are on board to see where this train wreck leads.

So, for a moment, what if you were completely selfish about the way you felt. When I began using how I felt as a way to determine my course of action, I began to realize that what I was really doing was fine tuning my intuition. See, I think we have barely tapped into our internal navigating system. And even if you are someone who has really explored and tapped into this, I believe we as a human race have so much farther to go.

Enough theory, how about real life example? My best ideas and most lucrative discoveries have come from spending time in my “happy place”. Call that “time” selfishness. The easiest way for me personally to get there is with a guitar in my hand. I can’t tell you the number of times I was trying to force results and would catch myself, go grab a guitar, start playing and almost like magic...break through. I would have some really cool gig come in, some unique connection happen or something too crazy to chalk up to coincidence. But that’s not reason to do it. The reason is to just feel better. When I am selfish about how I feel, I am way more excited to share my toys with love, share my food with graciousness and give to others more than just my possessions. That’s what I call a win, win.

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