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What Lanco Taught Me

A week ago we played a show with Lanco, who is having a really good run with their song “Greatest Love Story”. They are really good guys just out there hitting it and after 5 years things are beginning to really take off for them. They flew into this date and then were picked up and brought to the venue. Later after the show, I was talking with Brandon, the lead singer and he was telling me how much pulling up back of the venue and seeing our RV made them miss the one they used to have. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him so passionately talk about some of the experiences and memories that were created in it. He called it their “home”.

In my pursuit to continually embrace the “now”, if I will just keep my antenna to my intuition up, there will be people and situations that will come down my path to help me in my endeavor. Brandon did that for me. We have a great RV with only 40,000 miles. It has the biggest engine and heavy duty transmission that you can get in a gas version. It’s wrapped with our branding and is 50 ft of an impression rolling down the highway. Yet, I have found myself longing for the next step of a tour bus with bunks that I can disappear into for rest on the road.

No more... I am thoroughly grateful for our current mode of travel and excited for the next trip. I am excited for the conversations I’ll have, the jokes I’ll hear, and all the laughter that will come along with that trip. Being a driver, driver on the whole personality chart, this is a massive breakthrough for me. There are levels to learning to live in the now that must be discovered through different life experiences.

My past has taught me that when I get to this point of discovery, the “tour bus” is usually about to pull up to my house. When I can learn to feel good in the RV, I am ready for the tour bus. And when I feel good in the tour bus, the jet is close as well. Thanks to Brandon, I want to enjoy the RV moments while they are here. Thank you Lanco, may your roads be filled with success.

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