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What Do You Really, Really Want?

I can’t even count the times where I’ve gotten an idea...a good idea and immediately started thinking of all things I would need to do to accomplish that idea. I would get so infatuated with the accomplishment of that idea that I would narrow my vision right to the end result. I’m going to stop right here and tell you, there are millions of dollars made in self help material that will tell you that this method is essential to you ringing the bell at the completion of your idea. In many cases, those authors are correct. There is a problem with that. You won’t feel any better when you get there than you do right now. Oh you’ll have a momentary sense of accomplishment and pride for what you’ve done, but it won’t last long. Like a drug, you will innately search out the next one to go after it and do it all over again reaching for the return of that momentary high that came with it. You will do this until you wear out.

Now to clarify, I still have big ideas and goals. The difference

now, is they are not controlling me. When I started seeking ways to be present in every moment, not only did I start enjoying my current placement in this time, space reality, but I began be open to promptings to move here, turn there, call this person, don’t call this person, etc. Sometimes they are very subtle, but if I’m doing what I need to do to live in the moment, my radar picks up even the subtle ones. And now, instead of the daunting task of all the items needing to be accomplished for the hopeful feel good of the end goal, my life has become one big adventure.

I have referred to the following scenarios in previous blogs. We have all experienced times in our lives where we have had someone pop into our mind that we haven’t thought about in maybe years, and within a very short period of time they somehow come into our presence. I’m here to tell you that this is a mere example of a way of living that is filled with life working itself out on your behalf. But it must start with you letting go of the control. Don’t let go of your dreams, just the control. Many people stumble into one area of their life where this is more prevalent than others. What do we do? We call them lucky. One of my friends always gets a front row parking space. Another friend has this happen to him with his work in sales and leads coming to him. My wife always wins things. When I say win, I mean like a $2000 coffee machine, a $5000 ring, vacations, etc. She wins so much it affects our taxes. And everyone around all these examples say, “they must have been born under a lucky star”. Well guess what, we all were.

The more I let go and enjoy life, the faster my dreams come true because the action steps I do take are taken at the exact right time with the least amount of effort needed. This seems so counter intuitive to what most of us grew up hearing. Mark my words, this way of living is worth exploring. Our goals and destinations are only a mere excuse for the journey that we really want.

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