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Ideas Are the Seeds of Your Future

The rate of technology which is known as “The Law of Accelerating Returns” is getting faster and faster. The computer chip continues to increase in power while declining in size and cost. I went from having to delete apps, videos and pictures on my cell phone for memory sake to not even getting close to full with my last cell phone upgrade. It is an exciting and fantastic time to be alive and be part of all that is happening. Of course you have those that continue to talk about the good ole days or you have news trying to scare you that technology will be our demise. These people obviously forgot about how much effort and time it used to take to write a research paper for their high school history class.

Sure...there is what some people look at as good and bad with every situation. But if you have read some of my previous blogs, you know I like the words “good and growth” better. I do see one big thing that we must hold closely to us and not let technology take away from us. That is the art of thinking. I’m not talking about surface thinking like what you will have for lunch today. Although, that may be influenced by one of the last ads you saw. What I’m referring to is real thinking. This kind of thinking only happens when we have quieted our mind long enough and usually early in the day enough to let ideas permeate our conscious.

Like technology, when I started creating an environment for this to happen, those ideas started to grow and multiply. No only that, people started entering my thoughts as potential people to help with those ideas. Sidebar: If someone enters your thoughts during this time and you are prompted to reach out, don’t wait. Many times, it was the perfect time for me to call.

I have quit looking at the ideas that come to me like the gold buried beneath a mountain of media. I now think of them being just under the surface that only needs a thin layer of dirt brushed off to discover. And this “brushing off” occurs first thing in the morning before I’ve read any emails, watched any videos, talked to anyone and definitely prior to any social media. My time commitment to this discipline is only 15 minutes. Giving myself this kind of start everyday has been the key designing a life that I love living.

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