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Creating Alternate Realities Like a Superhero Boss

Some of my favorite movies are superhero movies. I imagine that’s because of the vivid memory I have of trying to be a superhero as a kid. I remember being so convinced that the right type of cape, speed and launch off our patio deck would allow me to fly. Even today I still can’t help thinking that some of what we see in superhero movies is a potential of all we haven’t discovered yet. The conspiracist might say some of it is what has been discovered but our government hasn’t let us in on it yet, but that’s a different movie.

I have to admit that I am currently a little sucked into the Flash series on Netflix right now. Most of it is simply for enjoyment. I am working out while watching it so it is a bit of health catalyst for me. But am also fascinated with the somewhat hidden life lessons tucked in this one. Lessons an earlier version of me probably wouldn’t have picked up on. I believe one of the reasons Marvel and DC continues to kill it in movie industry is because they have tapped into that part of us that believes we can be more than we are. Going to watch their superhero movies give us a temporary relief of the discomfort between where we are and where we could be with a bigger belief and a bigger dream.

So back to The Flash. When he learned to vibrate thru walls it was because he figured out how to operate on the exact frequency that allowed that to happen. So for a moment, let’s say that’s possible. Does that mean that all of life's “walls” I have run into in the past could have been passed thru if I’d been operating on the right frequency? The argument with my wife “wall”, the building my business “wall”, the paying my bills “wall”, are ones I can think of off the top of my head that I would have loved have run through and not smash my head on it.

How do we get our “Flash” powers of operating on the right frequency? It’s simpler than it sounds. It comes down to learning to feel good in the moment, whatever the moment is. Now it’s a little hard to instantly feel good while you are in the middle of any conflict, so my advice there is just let it pass before trying to do this. Then, start to recognize the times where you do feel good and pay attention to what happens around you during those times. You do this long enough and you will start crave this feeling like you are craving some type of feel good drug. If you will stay consistent, not beating yourself up when you falter, but continuing on, you will one day soon realize that you are going through what you used to consider walls. Your inner superhero that has alway been there will begin to Dream Bigger with a larger than life faith that anything is possible.

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